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A crossing loop constructed in 1912, and originally named Park View, was renamed Hovea as the original name was considered to sound too similar to Swan View and Bellevue. The holly-leaved Hovea, with its clusters of pea-like purple flowers, is common in the Darling Range. Until 1936, Hovea was the nearest stop on the Eastern Railway for picnickers wanting to access the Greenmount National Park, as Western Australia’s first national park was then known.  Gardens and paths built by Depression sustenance workers made the park a popular place to visit.

Image: The gently sloping Hovea Falls is found in the John Forrest National Park.

19. Hovea Station Master's House.jpg

Above: James, Kathie, Ivan and Annie Howe, Hovea Station Master’s House, 1917/18. MHHS Collection.

20. Hovea Railway Station. No Date..jpg

Hovea Railway Station. No Date.