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Historic Buildings

The Shire of Mundaring is fortunate to have many historic buildings that are still in use today. As you drive around the Shire, you will be able to see many buildings that date from the early 1900s. The village of Darlington boasts many historic buildings, as do the townships of Chidlow and Sawyers Valley. Most of these historic buildings can be viewed from the road.  

Because History Matters

MHHS aims to preserve, document, acquire, and interpret the history of the eastern Hills near Perth, Western Australia. MHHS assists individual researchers, schools, and other groups to compile local history. The Society has a large archive of information relating to the history of the Shire of Mundaring. The Mundaring District Museum, opened in 1997, houses a permanent display about the people, places and events of historical interest to the Shire.

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