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A year later, Edward Whatty purchased the property and he and his two nephews, Alexander and Henry Gorrie, worked the property before becoming joint owners in 1913. Alexander bought out his brother two years later. Alexander’s son (another Alexander) took his bride Mona to the property to live in 1919, and there they raised four children. A new stone house was constructed, the mud-brick house was improved, and a combined shearing and hayshed were constructed. When times were tight during the Depression years, Bert and Mona operated farm stay holidays, which proved to be so popular that bookings had to be made a year in advance.

Malmalling was resumed by the Government in the 1960s after it became included in the Mundaring Weir water catchment area. Today the stone cottage lies in ruins and there are no remains of the other buildings.


Gone, but not forgotten ..

Malmalling was a new suburb created in the Shire of Mundaring in 1997 and which lies to the south of Gorrie. The name 'Malmalling' is derived from the property developed by the Gorrie family, which was located on Avon Location 3444. The land was purchased by John Morton Craig, a livestock inspector, in 1900. He built a mud-brick house and planted an orchard before selling the property in 1906.

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