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Who We Are

The Mundaring and Hills Historical Society (Inc.) was formed in 1989 to involve the people of the Shire of Mundaring in the acquisition, preservation, documentation and interpretation of the history and culture of the region. With offices in the Station Master's House in Mundaring, the Society has an extensive library containing an array of research material, as well as a collection of photographs and objects from the area.

The Society has two part-time staff, funded by the Shire of Mundaring, as well as a small number of very enthusiastic and knowledgeable volunteers. The Society also runs the Mundaring District Museum, located in the Old Mundaring School House on Great Eastern Highway.

Our Vision


The Mundaring & Hills Historical Society (the Society) to be the leaders in the conservation and preservation of the history of  the Shire of Mundaring (the Shire).

02.Experts and partners of choice

To be recognised by the community and key stakeholders as the leader, expert, and partner of choice in all matters pertaining to the history of the Shire.

03.Driving force

To be the driving force in the Shire ensuring that heritage is preserved.

04.Clear channels of communication

To maintain clear channels of communication between the Society and other stakeholders regarding history and heritage in the Shire.

Our Mission

01.Provide access

We acquire, preserve, document, interpret and provide access to the history and culture of the Shire of Mundaring.

02.Maintain cultural heritage

We inspire the community to maintain and understand the Shire's unique cultural heritage.

03.Community involvement

We involve the people of the Shire of Mundaring in their own history and build strong relationships with the community to enable the preservation of the Shire's unique history and heritage. 


With the Shire of Mundaring's financial assistance we are able to employ a part-time curator and executive officer. However, we rely on volunteers to help with research, our newsletter, events and even cleaning and gardening! If you would like to join our willing band of volunteers we would love to hear from you. Please download and complete this form if you are interested in contributing.

Please contact us on Monday, Wednesday or Friday 9.30am to 4.00pm or EMAIL US to arrange a meeting.

Executive Committee


Mundaring and Hills Historical Society is a membership based organization supported by the Shire of Mundaring. Members receive our quarterly newsletter and attend special events such as the opening of exhibitions or our regular talks. Excursions to places of historical interest are also organised. Members are invited to take an interest in the operations of the Society and if possible, volunteer some of their valuable time to undertake the various tasks that keep the Society functioning.


If you are interested in becoming a member, you can safely purchase membership online using our secure payment system, or alternatively CLICK HERE to download a printable PDF to your computer, print it, fill it out, and either email it to us or post it to us at the address given below. 



We are a not for profit organisation. We rely on membership subscriptions, funding, and donations to carry out the work we undertake to preserve history in the Shire of Mundaring. Please consider a donation to our Society. If you would like to bequeath to the Society, please contact the MHHS Curator

Read the Mundaring & Hills Historical Society Constitution

Mundaring and Hills Historical Society adhere to a set of fundamental principles and precedents that determine how we run our Society. If you would like to read our Constitution, please download to open a printable PDF.

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