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Glen Forrest Gem

Take a look at this little shop on Railway Road Glen Forrest

Constructed in 1948-9 with granite walls with clay tiles for Mrs McClenaghan of Thomas Road, for a dressmaking and haberdashery shop. The stonemason was Tom Stephenson with Alan Mack as his TA.

When she closed the shop to resume dressmaking from home, it was used by Mr and Mrs Izzard as a butcher's shop.

In the 1960s, the Hollett brothers, Colin and Alan, took over the butchers business. In the 1970s, it was a residence for Jock Smale, an elderly batchelor.

Since then it has had a few owners who used it for different purposes. For a short time is was an Antique and Secondhand Furniture Shop and then in 1983, Mrs Pam Steer bought the building for a gift and card shop, and it became Craft Partners, which was then a co-operative for a group of likeminded artisans.


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