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Greenmount Road Board

On March 29, 90 years ago the Greenmount Road Board changed its name to the Mundaring Road Board. Mundaring Road Board was the pre-cursor to the Shire of Mundaring

1919 Greenmount Road Board members on an annual inspection

The first Road Board office was built in Mount Helena then called Lion Mill.  Before then meetings took place in Hesketh’s Hall in Belleview and the Octagonal Hall in Smiths Mill.

It was decided that the permanent office would be built in Mt. Helena because of the reopening of the Timber Industry by Bunning Bros and the location of the junction of the original 1884 Eastern Railway and the 1896 Mahogany Creek Deviation via the Swan View Tunnel.

The location is on the corner of McVicar Place and Evans Street and is now the local Veterinary Clinic.

Greenmount Road Board under construction in 1906

The Foundation Stone was laid in November 1906 and the first meeting was held in January 1907.

Meetings were held here until 1925 when the second Road Board office was opened on Mann St

Mundaring. The move to the more centrally located Mundaring townsite was not popular but was influenced by the decline to the Mt Helena timber mill and diminshing use of the rail transport. The new building had office space, boardroom and a strongroom and included a front veranda.

Extensions and improvements were made to the building until in 1983 the current Shire offices were opened.

Staff on the last working day at the second Road Board office in 1982


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