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A few of our members had the pleasure of visiting Belmont Museum this week and we recommend a visit to anyone with an hour to spare. We were impressed with a huge interactive picture panel, which told the story of the early years of the City of Belmont. It doubled as a digital colouring board where the kids could try their hand at pressing a colour on a side panel and inserting the colour onto the panel. No mess!

An old red telephone box with a vintage telephone was on the floor. When the receiver was lifted, you could listen to oral histories from residents of Belmont. The space abounded with taxidermy. Swans, racehorse goannas, snakes, black cockatoos even an alligator! Two stainless glass windows from a local church have been re-installed set in the original bricks which were saved from a local church.

Design company Creative Spaces has created a wonderful space that visitors young and old can enjoy at leisure. It is definitely worth a visit.

Well done Belmont City Council!


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