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Roses - Valentines Day

As it will be Valentines Day this Wednesday our thoughts go to the act of giving roses to our Loved

Ones ….. but did you know that at one time there was a very successful Rose Nursery in Parkerville?

Hugo Brommeli came to Western Australia from his native Switzerland in the early 1930s. While he was travelling by train to Wyalkatchem, he saw a property in Parkerville which he thought would be suitable for a rose nursery, and a year later purchased it.

He built a house and with his wife Maude, raised a family on the property.  He established a successful rose nursery and his roses were soon being purchased from far and wide.

He supplied roses to such companies as Aherns, Boans and Karrakatta Cemetery Board and also sent his roses to places such as Marble Bar, Kalgoorlie, Bolder, Norseman and the “Sons of Gwalia” gold mining company.

Hugo Brommeli donated 60 rose bushes ( one for each child ) to the second Parkerville primary school on Riley Road in memory of Fred Schoch, the son of the headmaster Fred Schoch, who was lost on the HMAS Sydney. On the north side of the school you will see the remnants of the rose garden planted by Miss Jones and the students between 1944-45.

Hugo was so well known that some correspondence was simply addressed as “The Rose King – Australia.”  His property was on what is now known as 610 and 700 Johnston Road Parkerville.

(History of Parkerville and Stoneville - Rob Borsje)

The Bromelli Family in 1956

Many people in the hills grow beautiful roses and at one time there was a Rose Garden in Glen Forrest called Quatre Saisons, which some people may remember ( and we would love to hear from).

We also have many Memorial Rose Gardens within the Shire – The Rose Garden near Mundaring Weir, the Rose Gardens next to the Mundaring War Memorial, and Eastern Hills Senior High School has a very colourful rose garden.

Roses at the Mundaring War Memorial

We also have a number of private gardens within the Shire which occasionally open them during certain times of the year. Some years ago, MHHS members visited Chartwell Gardens on Great Eastern Highway Mundaring and were treated to a historic talk and tour of the lovely gardens.

The Mahogany Inn C1930


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