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September Spring and Wildflowers

As Spring is officially upon us, what can we do to make the most of our weekends?

Group of women holding wildflowers in Glen Forrest 1922

As Spring is now officially up on us what can we do to make the most of our weekends?

You could go to look at the Kings Park Festival from the16th to the 30th September or take a drive

north of Perth towards Eneabba, Dongara, and Shark Bay. Or you could stay local and walk along one of our many Heritage Trails or walk the 15k Eagles View. Take a walk in John Forrest National Park.

For a very long time visitors have been coming up the hill to look for Wildflowers in the Spring.

Group of people sitting on large boulders at Mundaring Weir c1890

When the Railway ran through the Shire and out to the Weir tourism became very popular and

special picnic train excursions were organised by WA Government Railways.

These trains ran on Sundays throughout early 1900s. Also motor trips became popular. So much so that when the weir was overflowing the place was thronged with visitors. Local children sold fruit and wildflowers, brass bands from the city played on a terrace overlooking the weir, a photographer with his tripod, box camera and black cloth hood set up at the catwalk were all the sightseers came to take their photographs.

This image was found on envelopes used in 1998

The first World War dampened these activities somewhat as the weir was gated and padlocked for

security but excursion trains became popular again in the 1920s and 30s.

The Goldfields Weir Hotel owned then by Fred Jacoby was very successful as it advertised its special

dining rooms and balconies complete with “modern hygienic arrangements for motorists, Hiking

Parties and Overseas tourists” who could stay for Afternoon Tea, Dinners and Sunday High Tea.


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