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Spring is nearly here

In Australia, the change of seasons always starts at the beginning of the month rather than having anything to do with the equinox. As we are entering the season of Spring, we have retrieved some photographs of people collecting wildflowers in the Mundaring locality of Glen Forrest.

These photographs were taken in 1922 of a group of women from the Tax Office on an outing in Glen Forrest and you can see they are holding bunches of wildflowers, an action which is frowned upon today and not allowed. These three photos also show in detail the clothes of the time, long skirts and buttoned boots and of course the wonderful hats! They are sitting on a pile of railway sleepers at the Railway Station, now Morgan John Morgan Park.

Hats off and standing on a slab of granite

Photograph taken in front of one of the many stone fruit orchards found in the Hills

At the time there were numerous orchards in the hills and if you walk through part of WH McGlew's property in Springside Park, Glen Forrest you will still see some remnant fruit trees in bloom. The McGlew property stretched from Great Eastern Highway, York Road, and McGlew Road.


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