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Victory in Europe – 8th May

The 8th May is VE Day, Victory in Europe in 1945, which celebrates the formal acceptance by the Allies of WWII of Germany’s unconditional surrender of its armed forces on Tuesday 8th May 1945 marking the official end of WWII in Europe.

Victory in the Pacific didn’t happen until August of 1945, however some of our Australian soldiers fought in campaigns in Europe.

This anniversary has prompted us to look in our collection for WWII photographs. We found some excellent photos of Chidlow Army Camp where over 60,000 Australian soldiers came to train.

Local Detectorists have found some fantastic artefacts on the site. They all tell a story of what life was like for soldiers away from their homes and family and waiting to be shipped out to war. Sweetheart badges, everyday items to make life easier were made from scrap and all sorts of knick knacks.

We also have a small booklet written by local military historian Bob Sheppard. This book has some interesting information about the Chidlow Army Camps. The land has since been sold for development, but MHHS and other local groups are still lobbying to get the camps on a Heritage Register.

Bob's book Troops, Tents and Training is available at the MHHS office and the Mundaring Visitor Centre for $10.

Soldiers at Chidlow Station in 1942

Soldiers at Chidlow Station in 1942

Soldiers catching up with paperwork at the camp

Soldiers outside Chidlow Bakery 1942


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