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'We've Got Balls'

The exhibit, which opens at 4:30pm on Wednesday, November 29, features sporting artefacts donated by sporting clubs, former players and their families.

Former Chidlow Hockey Club player Mary Ball, 81, began playing hockey when she was 10-years-old and will be the opening speaker for the exhibition launch.

Museum curator Janet Baldwin said it’s important to showcase the sporting history of both men and women. “When people think of sports, they primarily think of men playing sports, as in AFL and soccer, but we do now have many women’s sports. Particularly with this exhibition I want men and women to be represented,” Dr Baldwin said.

The collection includes countless historical photographs of clubs that no longer exist, such as the Smith’s Mill Cricket Club.

Dr Baldwin said the museum welcomed any and all donations to the collections, but in particular would love to see more physical items, like old uniforms.

“We don’t have a great deal of clothing from the early years. People tended to throw them away or wear them out,” she said.

The most recent additions to the collection are the cricket bat and ball used in the very last game between the Stoneville Research Station and Hillston Boy’s Home, adorned with signatures and dated December 23, 1982.


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