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What the Frock

MHHS presents a new exhibition which opened to the public on 15 December 2023 and will run until November 2023.

This exciting exhibition explores garments worn to celebrate and protect the move of an individual from one social category to another. This is known as a ‘rite of passage.’ Often there is a ceremony or rituals connected to a rite of passage to mark the event.

You will see dresses, garments and accessories worn at weddings, funerals, burials, balls, christenings, and other celebrations. Some of these items are in the MHHS collection, others have been loaned. The oldest wedding garment is a silk and lace blouse worn by Pollie in 1834, and the most recent one worn by Kate of Darlington in November 2022.

There is also a display of tiny dresses from Angel Gowns; they are a not-for-profit charity and create and gifts baby burial garments to bereaved Australian families. The team of talented dressmakers uses re-cycled wedding dresses and customised patterns to make signature angelic and elegant styles.

The Celtic Circle Tattoo of Kalamunda, display a range of tattoo instruments and inks. Traditionally people used their body to make a permanent display of their role and place in society, their tribal identity and kinship, often following an initiation ritual. Now we often see body art to display their love of someone who has passed away.

Something for everyone; we look forward to seeing you all at the Museum soon!

Mundaring District Museum

'The Old School'

7225 Great Eastern Hwy, Mundaring

Local Business owner Kate Bird enjoying the exhibition

A selection of tattooing tools and design


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