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Anniversary - Don Bradman

On 24th May 1930 Don Bradman scroed 252 runs in a Test Match between Australia and Surrey.

Don Bradman, also known as Sir Donald George Bradman, Australian cricketer, one of the greatest run scorers in the history of the game and often judged the greatest player of the 20th century.

Bradman, as a youth, perfected his timing by hitting a golf ball against a water tank. He developed a quick eye, deft footwork, and an uncanny judgment of bowling and also became a brilliant outfieldsman. He wrote a volume of reminiscences, Farewell to Cricket (1950), and a coaching manual, The Art of Cricket (1958).

Cricket has been played in the hills since people have settled here. In 1903 Glen Forrest then Smiths Mill built the first Sports Oval.

In the 1920s the growing community at Mundaring Weir known as “The Forestry” were very sports loving and cricket was played there from the 1930s Most of the ovals were gravel and the wickets were concrete covered with matting. The Sunday matches were happy social events attended by wives and families.

This anniversary prompts us to look for photographs of our many cricket clubs in the Shire.

Smiths Mill Cricket Club c1903

Picnic Gathering after the match

Mundaring Cricket Club 1930's


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