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Greenmount Liquor Store Demolished

It has been brought to our attention from several sources that this historic building was demolished on December 18th 2022.

Demolition of the Greenmount Liquor Store December 2022

Regardless of why, we at the historical society are very disappointed that we have few records of the building and have begun looking through our archives to find photos and stories about it and the families that had lived and worked there.

If we had prior knowledge of the proposed demolition, we would have taken pictures and measurements to create a record for future research.

Unfortunately this didn't happen. With the upcoming implementation of a Mundaring Heritage Strategy, we hope to avoid this issue.

Just in beginning our current research we discovered through the KSP website that Katherine

Susannah Prichard and her husband Hugo stayed in a cottage on the site and wonder perhaps that

was before they moved into their permanent home Megalong Cottage further down the hill?

The complete site where the store was situated was called “Wandu” and also during the 30s and

40s guest cottages were built on the site, as it had become popular in both Darlington and

Greenmount to build guest houses for “city folk” to stay in whilst enjoying the attractions such as

John Forrest National Park. The clean hills air was a popular drawcard for the more prosperous people that lived down the hill.

A letter to the Echo stated that this building was also both a café and Post Office over the years so there must be photographs and memories out there. We would like to copy and collect any pictures that members of the public have retained over the years. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any information regarding this historic site.


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