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Lyons Corner Store

Lyons Corner Store was located on York Road, Hovea

The location is now known as Great Eastern Hwy, Glen Forrest. In 1935, Ian and Mollie Lyon and Mollie’s mother May Townley, moved to Glen Forrest to establish a poultry farm. The property had been previously owned by the Summers family and they lived in a 3 roomed house and planted an orchard of stone and citrus fruit.

Mollie and Ian Lyon with May Townley with friends in 1936

Within 2 years Ian and Mollie had built a tearoom on the corner of the property at the junction of York Road and National Park Road. This T-junction has since been re-located. The tearoom had provided a pleasant rest spot for people spending a day in the hills. It also supplemented the Lyon income from the 11-acre mixed farm.

Driving in the hills during Spring was very popular especially with the abundance of wildflowers. A popular day trip included a trip to Mundaring Weir for lunch and a return trip via Lyon’s Corner House, continuing down Park Road for a swim in National Park swimming pool. This trip of about 50 miles took all day or could even stretch to an overnight stay at one of the may hills guest houses.


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