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New Signs at Glen Forrest

Morgan John Morgan Reserve in Glen Forrest boasts 8 new interpretative panels

These signs tell some of the early history of the village once called Smiths Mill and its growth into the town now called Glen Forrest.

Floor plan for the Glen Forrest Stationmasters House

The actual house can be seen in the background

Alfred Smith and family

Early settlers to the area

Early beginnings for migrant families

Pictured is Charles Hrubos

Smith's Mill Station

Stationmaster - Morgan John Morgan

After whom the park is named

Gangers Cottage

Small Town - Big Exports

Most locals would know about the Stationmaster and his house but they perhaps would not know how busy the station was in its heyday when tonnes of timber, gravel and fruit was transported down to Perth and beyond .

These signs were commissioned by the Shire of Mundaring with information supplied by Mundaring and Hills Historical Society. If you are passing the Morgan John Morgan Reserve on the corner of Burkinshaw and Railway Rds in Glen Forrest, please take the time to have a look at the new signs and learn more about the early beginnings of this locality previously known as Smith's Mill, now known as Glen Forrest. You can read more about Glen Forrest HERE.


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