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Relics, Wrecks and Renos

The photo competition ceremony, proudly presented by the Shire of Mundaring libraries and the Mundaring Hills Historical Society, took place after the opening of the new exhibition at the Mundaring District Museum, on 29 November 2023. As you can see from the images in this post, the quality of the submissions was of a very high standard.


Mark Hancock won the “Relics” category for his image titled ‘An Old Crossing Water Way’ in Wooroloo and was praised for being balanced in its composition.

"An Old Crossing Water Way' | Image Mark Hancock


Nicole Wilkins’ 2018 image of Milperra Cottage in Mount Helena earned her the “Renos” category. The cottage was originally the headmaster’s residence for the Lion Mill School. The building later became a Playgroup and is now a part of the Rise Network and called Milperra Cottage.

"Milperra Cottage in Mt Helena" | Image credit Nicole Wilkins


Rhys Hall took home top prize in the “Wrecks” category for his image of the Lacey Road Ruins in Parkerville. The ruins were said to be old convict ruins but were most likely an early hills cottage.

"Lacey Road Ruins, Parkerville" | Image Credit Rhys Hall

Rhys Hall also submitted a photo of Chauncy's Cairn which is located in the Chidlow State Forest. Surveyor, Philip Lamothe Snell Chauncy built the Cairn as a Surveyors Marker when surveying the area in 1846. In those early days, Surveyors built markers like this Cairn so they could be seen from another vantage point. Star formations were also used.

Chauncy's Cairn

Another stunning photo entered in the competition was "Market Garden Shed" by Charlotte Jones. Built by hand in the 50's, over the course of 3 months by a father and 14yo son, the shed still stands strong.

The winners of each category received gift vouchers, donated by MHHS, which were presented by Cr Prapti Mehta who encouraged the photographers to give a short history of their photographic subject.

Left to right: Rhys Hall, Nicole Wilkins, Cr Prapti Mehta, Ginetta Evans Community Engagement Officer at Boya Library, and Mark Hancock.

The quality of the photographs was exceptional and we are proud to show them in this post.


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