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Mundaring's fabulous photographic competition is back.

We have three categories:

Relics: Buildings or structures from the past that served a particular purpose and are no longer used for that purpose.

Wrecks: A damaged unrepairable building or structure.

Renos: A renovated historical building or structure, that is now in use.

All photographs submitted must be of buildings and structures within the Mundaring Shire, taken by the entrant or having gained permission to enter the photograph by the owner of the photograph. The winner of each category will receive a $100 voucher to spend at a Mundaring business of their choice.

Entries open from 25th September to the 10th November 2023; through the Mundaring Shire website.

Images submitted will continue to contribute to our heritage building and structures archive.

MHHS have over 7,000 images in their archive and each one is unique.

If you have any photographs that fit the competition criteria, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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