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Sporting Anniversaries

Last week we had a photograph of Glen Forrest Cricket Club who are now celebrating 120 years of Cricket.

There are many sporting clubs in the Shire of Mundaring: Cricket, Tennis, Soccer, Football, Basketball and many of them will be experiencing significant anniversaries.

We would appreciate any opportunity to help with collating old photographs and items from your club and of course sharing the items we have in our ever growing collection .

In November we will be opening a new exhibition called “We’ve Got Balls “ which will focus on sporting clubs in the Shire and invite you to come and check it out.

It's interesting, that people think history has to be a hundred years ago, but don't forget we are making history all the time. Yesterday is history.

Smith's Mill Cricket Club C1904

Picnic after the 1904 Smith's Mill cricket game

Chidlows Well Football Team 1914

Hills Cricket Club C1946

Mundaring Primary School Softball Team 1966


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