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The Three Well Known Australians

Where is Pea?

The exhibition Three Well Known Australians opened in the Mundaring District Museum on Wednesday 9 March 2022 and will be displayed until 19 April 2022.

Sydney artist Martin Shaw painted Three Well Known Australians in 1982; he sparked a guessing game that has entertained and intrigued generations of Australians.

This enigmatic artwork has travelled to galleries, libraries, and public halls non-stop since that time, inviting viewers across the nation to guess the identity of the figures it depicts. One of the figures that we do know the identity of is "Pea" Shaw's much loved pet dog who passed away in 1991. The picture above does not show Pea, you will have to visit the Museum to see where Pea sits in this painting.

Eight Yearbooks will be on display and will include recent letters from Prime Minster Scott Morrison and WA Premier Mark McGowan. Actor Jacki Weaver, Olympian Cathy Freeman and many others have written their suggestions as to who these figures represent.

School holidays are pending, bring the kids and encourage them to have a go at guessing these figures. Is it the Wiggles, or whoever the latest trend is in toys or movies? Children, accompanied by parents/teachers, are encouraged to attend to unleash their creative imagination to add to this collection of identities. There will also be a small activity for young children.

Entry by Gold Coin Donation.


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