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Valentines Day 14th February

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the 14th February and can sometimes lead to proposals of marriage. Proposals can be made in lots of way, on bended knee, hot air balloons, planes towing banners or just a romantic dinner.

We have included some photographs of weddings that took place through the decades here in Mundaring.

Mundaring District Museum is hosting an exhibition “What the Frock” at “The Old School” 7225 Great Eastern Highway Mundaring. Among other pieces, we have some vintage wedding gowns on display. Pop in and have a look.

Frederick and Agnes Jacoby 1897

Wedding of Sussana Lauffer and Guiseppe Lori in 1906

Wedding of Peggy Barrie and Colin Welsh in 1947

This was a typical post war wedding where due to rationing, coupons were needed to purchase materials for the wedding outfits. Often the wedding attire was everyday clothes which had some small embellishments to make them special. Colin was a wood carter for the pumping stations at the Mundaring Weir and their house was a converted cow shed owned by the Goldfields Weir Hotel.


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