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Horses Birthday - 1st August

The 1st August is recognised as the birthday for all horses. This is to allow standardisation in horse events like racing. This is to link up with the breeding cycle of the animals. It makes it easier to follow bloodlines and makes it easier in the racing industry to keep track of the horses ages.

Horses were not always bred for recreation. The 10th Light Horse Regiment was a mounted division and used horses in battle against the enemy forces. They were bred for farming and transportation.

Many people in the Shire have horses on their properties.

These horses were used to haul timber in West Australian forests. These horses are pulling a whim with logs attached.

The Andalusian breed of horses were brought to Western Australia to perform at El Caballo Blanco. A purpose built tourist attraction created by businessman Ray Williams in the Mundaring village of Wooroloo in the 1970s. They were advertised as 'dancing horses'.

Over the years there have been several pony clubs n the Shire and currently there is an equestrian centre in Parkerville. The Darlington and Eastern Hills Pony Club as well as the Riding for the Disabled meet there.


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