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The weather is always a talking point, hot, cold, wet, dry, we all have an opinion and it’s often that it’s not how we like it – today. Having survived a very long hot dry extended summer, leaving us only a very short time to experience Autumn before it’s officially Winter on Saturday, maybe we can reflect on past weather events.

There was an Old Timer’s, or Old Farmer’s, saying that ‘You can’t count on good rain before the Old Queen’s Birthday’, that was Queen Victoria and her birthday was 24 May.  That implies that the lack of autumn rain this year is not an unheard of phenomenon, as it was also happening 100 years ago.

Then there are years when there is too much rain. 1964 was one of those years when Mount Helena was awash on 11 June. 

That winter must have been one of extremes. Less than 2 weeks earlier Mt Helena had experienced the coldest day for 20 years. The Huxham family lived in McVicar Place, one of the coldest parts of the town, and on 30 May they found a dripping tap had formed an icicle overnight.

Just remember, we can’t change the weather, so if it doesn’t suit you today, we know that someone else likes the heat, or needs the rain, and if it’s too cold put on an extra pair of socks and a beanie.

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