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Coughs, Sneezes and Diseases

On 16th February 600 AD Pope Gregory the Great decreed that saying “God Bless You" was the correct response to a sneeze. There are others that come to mind - Gesundheit !!

In this time of Covid and Omicron we are all aware of sneezing etiquette. So keep in mind the world has been through many plagues and illnesses .

One such illness was tuberculosis and a special hospital was built outside of Perth to send sufferers. It also included a leprosarium also known as a 'Lazarette'. The Wooroloo Sanatorium was opened in May 1915. It closed in 1970 and is now a minimum security prison.

Female Patient in a ward at the Wooroloo Sanitorium

Open Wooroloo Sanitorium

Wooroloo Train Station


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