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Greenmount Road Board

Did you know that the administrative centre of the Shire of Mundaring was once located in Mount Helena? It was situated on the corner of McVicar Place and Evans Street, and construction of the building began in 1906.

The Greenmount Road Board was declared on the 17 April 1903 and, as its title suggests, was responsible for the maintenance of all roads within its boundaries.  Initially, members of the Board – all men – met at Hesketh’s Hall in Bellevue. It was not until 1907 that a purpose-built office for the Road Board was completed. It is located in Lion Mill (Mount Helena) on the corner of Keane Street (now McVicar Place) and Evans Street, and was the first brick building in the town. The foundation stone for this building is part of the MHHS collection, and the clock is on display in the Mundaring District Museum. The original Greenmount Road Board building still exists within the Mount Helena Veterinary Clinic. However, many changes to the structure over the years, including the weatherboard addition to the left, make it difficult to see the 1907 building. 


In 1925, the Board moved its offices to Mundaring despite much local opposition. A new office was constructed on the corner of Mann Street and York Road (now Great Eastern Highway) with various extensions/demolitions of this 1926 building taking place over the next 56 years.


The current Shire Administration Offices for the Shire were built in 1983, on the site of the earlier 1926 offices.

Visit TROVE to read the minutes of a Greenmount Road Board meeting held on 7 November 1922.

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