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What happened on this day in 1885?

29th June 1885: The Third Section of the Eastern railway, from Chidlow’s Well to York, was formally declared open by His Excellency the Governor Sir Frederick Napier Broome K.C.M.G.

Tenders were called for by the Department of Works & Railways in June 1883 with the lease being won by Edward Keane and the construction completed without obstacle.

This whole railway connected the inland townships of York and Beverley with the Capital of Perth and the Port of Fremantle. This represented a logistical triumph in developing meaningful transport of goods for the people of the York region.

The Railway was also a source of productivity for the local sawyers of the area with much of the timber produced being used for making railway sleepers, charcoal, and firewood.

Chidlow Railway Station in 1966

Chidlow Railway Station proved to be very popular for other reasons, the refreshment rooms were not only used by locals, they were a popular choice for visitors as well.

Railway Refreshment Rooms staff in 1948

Locals farewelling troops leaving the Chidlow Army Camps training site in 1942

Three children sitting on the Chidlow Railway overpass - unfortunately undated


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