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Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company 17th June 1903

He revolutionised the automotive industry by mass producing vehicles that were affordable and the introduction of the moving assembly line.

During the early years in the Shire most residents used the train to travel but when cars were more available, the road up to Darlington and further was quite a challenge. One Darlington resident had purchased a T model Ford. Some models had a gravity fed petrol tank which was mounted so low that the vehicle could only climb the Darlington hill in reverse ..that would have been a sight to see.

Model T Ford parked outside the Kay family home in Greenmount in 1935

During the 1900s a number of guest houses and hotels were opened and were advertised to day trippers.

Many of the earlier cars would have travelled Great Eastern Highway to visit these venues and also John Forrest National Park.

We have chosen some photographs of early vehicles within the Shire.

Greenmount Road Board members in 1919

Not just people travelling in cars. A cow in the back of this Oldsmobile in Nathan Hoffmans' orchard


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